A Laboratory Information Management System for Tuberculosis Laboratories

TB Lab specific

TBLIS is purely built for TB laboratories to manage patients’ samples, processes and data. The system is robust and easy to use, supports multiple user access and is accessible across different device sizes.

Fully customisable

TBLIS is fully customizable to suit every Lab’s requirements & workflows. The system is flexible, any changes to laboratory practices can easily be integrated without losing existing functionality or data.

Remote access

TBLIS provides web access for streamlined accessioning and for specimen pre-login, test ordering, On-line reporting for convenient and timely access to specimen testing status and results.

What TBLIS can do for you

Patient Management

Enables centralized management of patients’ demographic details and their specimen profiles, tracking specimen from the same patient including results for each specimen received.

Sample Management

Log sample data into fully configurable entry screens. The system stores data about the specimen and automatically assigns a unique and incremental identification number to each specimen.

Study Management

Fully integrated functionality for management of clinical trials/studies. Provides for addition, modification, activation and deactivation of studies and projects.

Test Management

Manage tests and their respective results for each specimen. Add new or modify existing tests and the system has ability to automatically order tests based on preset procedure.

Data Backup

To ensure the confidentiality of patient information,the system stores all data on a local server at the laboratory premises and performs automatic backup to a specified backup location.

Results reporting

Generate results reports for each specimen received at the lab with details about the patient, sample, requester and health facility and results for each test done on the specimen.

Analysis reports

Ability to provide preset analysis reports (auto-generated) on workload, tests done, pending and overdue tests, quality control, and turnaround time on a regular basis.

Data security

The system protects data against unauthorized subjects with controlled user roles and privileges coupled with a complete audit trail for regulatory compliance.


Manage all information about requesting doctors, clinicians, laboratory personnel in one place for purposes of effective communication.


Support for exporting and importing data to and from other programs. Data exported can be utilized for further analysis and reporting.

Audit trail

The system maintains a record of key system processes and functions such as user logins; sessions; patient and sample details accessed or modified.

Search function

The system provides robust search tools to navigate and locate any records of interest, export or print the resulting searches.

What is new in TBLIS version 2.0

Material Management

Centralized management of laboratory supplies, suppliers, and chain of custody.

Quality control

The system provides advanced tools for integrated Quality Control Management.

Storage Management

The system allows entry of specimen storage locations for easy specimen retrieval.

The system allows you to print labels with specific label features. E.g, vital data as text, barcode or both.

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